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Quality Control

Commitment to quality is the essence at Muskan Overseas Pvt. Ltd. and this is the reason why the company has access to the world’s leading customer. Our profound experience of the industry gives us an edge to the industry gives us an edge to the stringent quality specifications maintained from the beginning of the process such as from the procurement of raw material till the final finished product is delivered to the end customer. This is what makes our company stand apart. Our Rice is hygienically packed with fully sortexed grains. We have a dedicated and committed quality control team that constantly monitors the process at every stage. Detailed laboratory analysis from part of the routine control. Testing is regularly performed by our experienced and highly qualified analyzers which confirms to the given specifications.

Known For
High Quality Rice
Easy Cooking Rice
High nutritional value Rice
Soft Texture Rice
Usage in Various Cuisines Food
World-Wide Famous
Color of the grain- As per sample