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Golden Sella Basmati Rice

Our Golden Sella Basmati Rice is 100% free from any kind of adulteration.

Golden sella basmati rice is a variety of basmati rice, which is boiled until it remains frozen in the peel and then melts. After the rice turns yellow, it becomes light yellow hence the name 'Golden'. That's why the Golden Sela is actually a basmati rice crop. Golden sela basmati rice is added to the main dishes for taste in many countries of the world. Our rice is mainly accepted across the country for its unique taste and attractive aroma. Therefore, it is perfect for tasty dishes that are specially made occasionally. Golden Sela Basmati rice is high in terms of aroma, size and taste. Which is 100% free from any kind of adulteration. We provide purity in every grain and ensure complete hygiene while packaging our product. Its production or milling process involves modern machinery and new technology. It gives each grain a high nutritional value, taste as well as aroma. We supply our rice in high grade packaging to ensure its long shelf life. Therefore, it is safe from dust, stones, insects and other types of impurities.

Areas of Cultivation

Basmati Rice is produced in India in J & K, Punjab, Haryana, Himanchal Pradesh, Delhi, Uttarakhand and Western Uttar Pradesh.

Known For
High Quality Rice
Easy Cooking Rice
High nutritional value Rice
Soft Texture Rice
Usage in Various Cuisines Food
Average Length - 7.30mm
Dameged/Discolour - 0.6 % (maximum)
Live & Dead Insect - FREE
Moisture - 12% to 13%
Color of the grain- As per sample