Best Indian Rice Supplier.


Today, the need of the hour is to procure clean, high quality rice as compared to the traditional purchase from the wholesaler or rice mills. The growing hectic lifestyle and increased cost of living strives towards a health concious populace. Thus, keeping in mind the demand of healthy and packed product, we at Muskan Overseas Pvt. Ltd. have Marhaba and Amya as our two brands who cater to our domestic market and distributorship. Both our brands are among the top players in the domestic branded Basmati Rice markets. Marhaba and Amya are the delight of the connoisseurs of rice. Our combination of the latest state of the art technologies, with over 40 years of rich experience of our family as an established Miller and Exporter of Basmati Rice to the world over, the company sails high for its premium quality and expertise in Rice. Our pride in establishing Marhaba and Amya brands of rice as one of the most sought after and largest selling brands in North India is the result of careful procurement of paddy from reliable sources, and processing the same with care and thorough quality control at each stage of processing. We offer Basmati Rice, 1121 Basmati Rice, Pusa Basmati Rice and Sharbati Basmati Rice to our domestic customers.

Rice Quality

Commitment to quality is the essence at Muskan Overseas Pvt. Ltd. and it is the sole reason why the company has access to the world’s leading customer base. Our profound 40 years of experience of the industry gives us an edge to the industry. From the beginning of the process such as from the procurement of raw material till the final finished product is delivered to the end customer, we maintain a high level of quality check through our state of the art modern machinery and this is what makes our company stand apart. Our Rice is hygienically packed with fully sortexed grains. We have a dedicated and committed quality control team that constantly monitors the process at every stage. Detailed laboratory analysis from part of the routine control. Testing is regularly performed by our experienced and highly qualified analyzers which confirms to the given specifications.